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What We Offer

Maintenance & Repairs

Specializing in municipal, commercial and residential floating fountain systems. Our strong understanding of floating fountains and their components means we are very confident that we can identify and find all replacement parts for your existing fountain.

Quality Parts & Products

At Fountain Place, we carry products from most of the major floating fountain manufacturers across North America. Using only the best products available you can be assured that you will have the best products for the best price.

Features & Upgrades

Our design and installation staff can offer various floating fountains with multiple options for controls, lights, spray patterns and anchoring systems. Having the possibility of upgrading your current fountain to a newer model has never been easier.

35 Years of Floating Fountain History

For over 35 years Fountain Place Company has been designing, installing and maintaining all types of floating fountains and aerating displays. Using the best technologies, equipment and trade skills our technicians can deliver the fountain of your desires.

Installing Floating Fountains


Almost all new floating fountains require excavation, electrical work and the actual physical installation of the fountain in the pond to be completed. Our staff are trained in all aspects of floating fountain installations, from residential to commercial to municipal installations. Our team of trained technicians, electricians and civil contractors allow for a well-planned and properly executed installation for the designed fountain.


Our design staff will visually inspect a property or pond being considered for a fountain or aerator to ensure proper requirements are met. These requirements range from pond depth, power supply, environmental elements and overall safety of the proposed floating fountain installation. Once all of the information has been taken the customer will be left with a number of product catalogues from various high-end floating fountain manufacturers.

The Right Fit

Fountain Place Company only supplies the best product possible for our installation and customers. As ponds are living environments that have many potential threats to a floating fountain that can cause costly repairs. By installing the best fountains available it ensures our customers many years of reliable operation of their fountain with limited to no repairs.

How to Maintain a Floating Fountain

Seasonal Maintenance

Floating fountains require maintenance at least three times during its operating season in Ontario and Canada. Firstly the fountain needs to be installed every spring by skilled individuals so that the fountain is able to move with fluctuating water levels while still being anchored into place. This involves technicians in a boat that are trained in boat safety and working on water procedures.

Summer Maintenance

Secondly the fountain should be removed once during the hot months of July and August and power washed. As the fountain is in a living environment, the living environment will start living on the fountain as the summer progresses. At this time a full inspection of cables, submersible quick disconnects, motor, float and nozzle are all thoroughly inspected for damage. At times these fountains can suck up bags, rope, critters and many other foreign objects and during these inspections they can be identified at an early time preventing possible damage.

Winter Storage

Thirdly the fountain will have to be removed from the pond, cleaned, inspected and stored for the winter. At this time the motors are usually removed from the suction and discharge manifolds for cleaning. The entire fountain is fully cleaned and stored in a safe facility that is moisture controlled and at an ambient temperature above 5 degrees Celsius. This prevents oils from freezing and temperature expansion and contraction of metals within motor.

Repairs & Troubleshooting

Ground Faults

As floating fountains have moving mechanical parts they will require repairs and troubleshooting. Fountains are powered by an electric motor and have extensively long cables for the motor and lights, these items can be troublesome when it comes to ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s). As the electrical code states, Class A protection is the only availability for ponds and rivers in Canada our crews have the best testing equipment available for identifying the location of a fault.

Almost all repairs on a fountain will be identified when a ground fault occurs and the fountain de-energizes. It is at that time the cables, fountains and controls are inspected visually and electrically. Our technicians are highly trained to identify where a fault has occurred in the system so that it can be repaired in a quick fashion.

Parts, Performance & Replacements

Other repairs such as light bulb replacement, nuisance tripping, restricted motors, vandalism and various other possibilities are all issues our trained technicians can easily identify and repair. All of our trucks and technicians are equipped with testing instruments and the necessary equipment needed to service all types of floating fountains.