Maintenance Services

Water Fountain Maintenance For Over 50 Years!

Our Maintenance

Fountain Place Company has been maintaining water features and fountains for over five decades. Specializing in commercial, residential and municipal projects our maintenance staff will provide immediate and professional service to our new and existing client base.

Custom Cleaning Systems

Many water features don't have built-in cleaning systems or vacuum systems. We are equipped with custom-made portable vacuum systems for fountain pools, and portable powerwashing systems for the floating fountains. Our team of designers and technicians can design a custom cleaning system for any feature. These systems will ensure clean and reliable operation of your water feature for years to come.

Skilled Team

Our team of trained technicians are able to complete quick and efficient service for all kinds of fountain installations. We specialize in municipal, commercial and residential fountains which means our team is able to handle almost all types of installations done by other contractors. We work with municipal tenders, commercial and residential property managers as well as direct owners.

Reports & Checklist

All projects have well-organized reports and itemized check lists for our technicians to confirm completed work.

Our Offered Services

  • On-site Review of Water Feature / Fountain
  • Spring Openings and Fall Closings
  • New Contract Proposal for Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Service
  • Itemized Duties and Maintenance Responsibilities for Service Technicians
  • Itemized Reports and Findings from Technicians
  • Recommendations and Comments for Customer Review By Owners

Types of Maintenance Services

  • Floating Fountains and Lake Fountains
  • Landmark and Municipal Display Features
  • Commercial and Municipal Architectural Features
  • Estate and Residential Fountains and Features
  • Hospital and Healthcare Water Displays

Water Fountain Maintenance Case Study

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The Problem

This water feature was built many years ago when water quality and filtration was not a priority to the designers. As this water feature was located in a very mature garden setting the fountain always suffered from organic debris clogging up the mechanical system. Additionally, the resulting algae made the water very unsightly.

The owners did not want bulky filters and chemical feeders installed within or externally around the water feature since the garden had grown around it. The original design had river rocks covering the floors which caused cleaning problems. Removing the debris from under and between the rocks was near impossible without having to remove all of the rocks from the water feature.

The Solution

The owner was insistent that the river rock stays in the water feature so we removed all of the river rock and added a 4” concrete mortar bed and encased the river rock into the mortar leaving the top of the rock exposed. We then added a small number of rocks on the surface of the new mortar bed of rocks. This allows technicians to drain all water from the basin as well as the small number of surface mounted rocks so that vacuuming and power washing can be completed within an hour.

With this set up, technicians are now able to remove all of the organic debris a couple times a year. Additionally, we provided bi-weekly maintenance that allows technicians the ability to add water conditioners. Now this water feature is the focal point of this beautiful architectural garden.